Garmin nuvi 465T Widescreen GPS Truck Navigator

Garmin�s nuvi 465T is the first GPS navigator they have designed specifically for long-haul road navigation and delivery trucks. It�s an affordable unit (approx $500) which brings some of the advantages of larger fleet operators to the smaller or independent ones. For instance, UPS uses GPS and routing software to minimize turns across oncoming traffic flow, cutting down on idling time and making significant savings. Wal-Mart have quoted savings of 25 percent using GPS and smart routing software.

Garmin nuvi 465T Widescreen GPS Truck Navigator

Advanced Routing and Guidance

The Garmin nuvi 465T will create advanced routes taking into account truck-related road restrictions such as height, width, length, weight and hazardous materials. Routes are computed based on user entered truck profiles which include truck dimensions, hazardous materials and load restrictions. Multiple profiles can be stored so the 465T can be moved from one truck to another.

Some other advanced routing tools available with the Garmin nuvi 465T include:

  • Lane Assist to guide drivers to the correct lane at the right time for easier navigation of highway intersections.
  • Routing Preferences to avoid tolls or highways.
  • Multiple-point Routing to calculate the most efficient route between multiple stops.

It should be noted that the 465T can be switched to a normal automobile navigation mode.

Garmin nuvi 465T  Screenshots

National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory

A very attractive feature of the nuvi 465T is inclusion of the National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory (a GPS navigational device first). The NTTS Breakdown Directory is a comprehensive, nationwide guide to semi-truck repair facilities. Truck drivers should appreciate having this huge database of trucking-specific POI (points of interest) including truck repair, towing and recovery, tire sales and repair, glass repair and fuels stops to name some.

Traffic Alerts

Traffic delays can be a significant cost when driving fuel thirsty trucks. To help avoid traffic delays and plot routes around them the nuvi 465T comes with subscription-free lifetime traffic alerts in most major metro areas nationwide from NAVTEQ Traffic. Traffic alerts notify drivers of traffic delays and road construction so the nuvi 465T can be used to plot a detour. The nuvi 465T will also display warning information of upcoming road conditions to help aid driver awareness of possible truck hazards along the route such as sharp curves, steep grades, road narrows and more.

Other Features

Other noteworthy features of the Garmin 465T include:

  • suitably sized 4.3 inch high-resolution (480 x 272 pixels WQVGA) color, touchscreen
  • Bluetooth wireless hands-free calling when paired with compatible phones
  • Automatic time zone transition to set the correct time zone.

In the Garmin nuvi 465T Box

  • nuvi 465T
  • Preloaded City Navigator NT for North America (including Canada and Puerto Rico) or Europe (full coverage)
  • Lifetime traffic
  • FM traffic receiver with 12/24 volt power cable
  • Dash mount
  • USB cable
  • Dashboard disc
  • Quick start manual


User Manual Garmin nuvi 465T GPS Navigator

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Garmin n�vi 465T 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Truck GPS Navigator

Garmin nuvi 465T Portable Bluetooth Automotive GPS System for Trucking

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