Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS

The Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS navigation unit integrates GPS road navigation capabilities with extensive entertainment functions. Unique new features include a revolutionary 3D touch slide interface, Pioneer MusicSphere and ECO Graph. Bigger is always better with navigation displays and the X920BT delivers with a large high resolution (WVGA) 6.1 inch capacitive touch screen. The capacitive touch screen, the same type used by Apple iPod and iPhone products, underpins a very attractive and easy to use 3D touch slide interface.Pioneer AVIC-X920BT

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS

Other notable features of this GPS include DVD playback, built-in Bluetooth (hands-free calling and music streaming), USB connectivity (iPod/iPhone/BlackBerry connectivity), 4GB of flash memory, micro SD card slot and back-up camera input. The unit is ready for both SIRIUS XM satellite and HD Radio services. The manual for the AVIC-X920BT is 228 pages long which gives some idea of the features available.

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS units can be fully integrated into a large number of vehicles with a 2-DIN dash opening.

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS User Interface

Notable features of the Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS navigation include:

Map View Modes: various screen views offered including 3D map mode, 2D North Up and the new 2D Heading Up map mode.

Highway Sign Boards: when approaching a major junction simulated highway signs appear on the navigation display as a quick visual aid. It assists the driver to select the correct lane for a smooth passage through major interchanges and exits.

Redesigned Map Interface: Key on-screen information layered on top of the map display was revamped for easier viewing utilizing larger fonts, more precise graphic contrast and less multi-line information.

3D Icons: Displayed as 3D illustrations are more than 1,300 icons including buildings, historical landmarks, and baseball fields to assist the driver in relating the navigation map to their physical surroundings.

The  Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS adopts the popular customizable home menu which was introduced in 2009 on the flagship AVIC-Z110BTmodel. It allows users to drag and drop up to 15 function icons into the home page display for easy one-touch access.

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT Map Display
The GPS’s top menu gains access to the destination menu which allows destinations to be entered in a variety of ways. There is a configurable shortcut menu which allows one to setup shortcuts to sub-menus used often. There are list screens such as POI which allow destination entry the list screens use the flick and scroll motions that come with a capacitive touch screen. The map screen looks good – especially being on a large 6.1 inch screen. Interesting aspects are the Eco Meter (item 7) and Extension tab to see the status of the current AV source (item 9), The quick access icon (item 11) brings up a configurable menu overlayed on the edge of the map screen. Putting a contacts list icon in the quick access menu would give quick access contacts and their address information (via AVIC FEEDS App) to set a new destination. Selectable overlay of POI on the map is a useful option. Both 2D and 3D map views are available as would be expected.

While the navigation interface has a familiar, the 3D animation of the AV interface is an impressive sight and presents a new experience. The new interface is a complete redesigned featuring dynamic shortcuts for all built-in or connected media sources, more prominent display of album art and improved display of audio track data. The intuitive touch slide control is utilized for audio/video source selection and for searching through new media such as iPod/iPhone content with a new, improved ABC Search and dual-speed scroll for List Searches.

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS In-Dash Video

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS Voice Control

Like most other voice control implementations the Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS relies on the use a library of voice commands. This requires the user to become familiar with them via the user manual by consulting the voice command help interface on the unit itself. Voice command works with the navigation, entertainment, hands-free phoning, and iPod/smartphone menus.

Voice command starts when activated by pushing the relevant icon on the map screen or AV operation screen. It takes about 30 seconds to boot initially which is similar to other devices with a voice engine as it is a sizeable application. It displays a list of voice command operations when active.

Feedback from Amazon customers has been varied which implies that success depends somewhat on the user.

AVIC GPS Feeds App for iPhone and BlackBerry

Providing a fee app, AVIC FEEDS, for iPod/iPhone and BlackBerry devices is a clever application of synergy by Pioneer. While the Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS is fixed in position it is perfectly natural for frequently used mobile phones and media players to be the source of destination location data whether it be a location name in a text, a geotagged image or a location saved using Google Maps. AVIC FEEDS helps transfer destination information from the connected mobile to your Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS (also compatible with the AVIC-Z120BT, also older models AVIC-Z110BT and AVIC-U310BT.

AVIC FEEDS GPS Navigation Options:

POI Search - Points of interest (POI) searched through Pioneer�s AVIC FEEDS App can be selected by simply choosing the pin drop of the desired location

Take a Photo - Photos taken on an iPhone that are geotagged with geographical metadata such as location coordinates can be saved for future use as a POI

Saved Photos - Geotagged photos sent to users or photos from the internet can be used as a POIs

Destinations created from a POI search or geotagged photos are converted as a phone contacts and transferred to the navigation system via Bluetooth. Once the phone book is synchronized, the routable/desination contacts are identified by a unique icon that appears next to the contact. Selecting one of these contacts sets the Pioneer unit to calculating a route to that location.

AVIC Feeds App for iPhone Video

Multimedia Playback

The AVIC-X920BT provides users playback capability for an range of multimedia file formats (iTunes, AAC, MP3, WMA, WAVE, DivX and MPEG4 files) from a wide variety of sources (CD, DVD, USB devices or SD memory cards). The system boasts Pioneer�s Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR), a patented technology which restores musical detail lost during the encoding process to create fuller and richer audio from digitally compressed music. Pioneer have included Supertuner IIID advanced analog and digital processing assure superior imaging, less distortion and noise, and stronger, smoother broadcast signal reception. There is a built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier for sound quality, minimized distortion and efficient power handling. For frequency band splitting there is a Two-Way Crossover with separate High and Low Pass settings.

Pioneer AVIC-X920BT Music Interface
Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP and AVRCP) To make music playback over a Bluetooth connection sound better, The Pioneer X920BT includes Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for streaming stereo-quality audio which is combined with Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) as the backbone for remote control.

There are three (3) RCA pre-outs for adding on external amplifiers and an AUX input for simplified plug-in of portable media players.

Maps AVIC-X920BT

The AVIC-X920BT carries a map database from Tele Atlas covering the entire United States, Alaska and Hawaii and Canada. The points of interest (POIs) is substantial enough at 12 million to be a useful tool.

Pioneer MusicSphere

Pioneer’s new proprietary MusicSphere iTunes plug-in software allows users to enjoy their music in a new way by creating unique mood-based playlists via iTunes for their iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone device. When installed on a PC MusicSphere will analyze the entire music library and create specialized playlists based on various musical attributes such as feeling (bright, energetic, gloomy, relaxing calm), rhythm pattern, Beats Per Minute (BPM), year of the song and/or date added to the device.

Following syncing of MusicSphere playlists with iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch device connection of the device to an AVIC-X920BT gives users access up to 40 specialized playlists through an animated 3D sphere interface. The sphere can be rotated up, down, left and right with a light touch of the screen to access playlists.

Backing Up Camera

As with other models in the AVIC range, Pioneer have provided the convenience to be able to hook up a Pioneer ND-BC4 Universal Rear View Camera for displaying video images from a separately purchased back-up camera triggered when vehicle is shifted into reverse.

Pioneer Navigation ECO Graph

For those concerned about the environmental impact of their driving, the the second generation ECO Driving function provides driving status reports and the driver�s impact on the environment with visual images on-screen. Drive Reports provide the fuel cost for trip routes, estimates of the vehicle’s CO2 emissions and other feedback on driving habits.

Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT GPS

The Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT GPS navigation and entertainment unit is a revision of the flagship AVIC-Z110BT GPS to bring it up to date with the new features introduced with the successful Pioneer AVIC-X920BT. There is little difference apart from the larger 7 inch display (vs 6.1) which is motorized for positioning in five increments.


Features of the Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT GPS

New features for the Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT GPS include a revolutionary 3D touch slide interface, Pioneer MusicSphere and ECO Graph. This GPS features a capacitive touch screen in the same type used by Apple iPod and iPhone products, underpins the very attractive and easy to use 3D touch slide interface. Other notable features include DVD playback, built-in Bluetooth (hands-free calling and music streaming), USB connectivity (iPod/iPhone/BlackBerry connectivity), 4GB of flash memory, micro SD card slot and back-up camera input. The unit is ready for both SIRIUS XM satellite and HD Radio services.

For full details of features of the AVIC-Z120BT GPS read our recent review of the Pioneer AVIC-Z920BT In-dash GPS Navigation AV Receiver.



Pioneer AVIC-X Quick Start Guide (pdf)

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The Pioneer AVIC-X920BT GPS navigation unit integrates GPS road navigation capabilities with extensive entertainment functions to suit any road enthusiast.

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