Garmin Mobile PC Software

Garmin’s Mobile PC software converts a laptop or tablet PC into a GPS navigation device if combined with a GPS receiver which can be built-in or an add-on such as Garmin’s GPS 10x or another manufacturers. Users often comment that the navigation interface is like a big nuvi which gives it an intuitive feel right from the initial two option screen asking Where to? and View Maps. So that there isn’t a need to continually look down at laptop or tablet the software announces navigation instructions such as turns and also pronounces street names. It’s not a disaster to stray off course as the Garmin Mobile PC software will automatically calculate a a re-route and provide instructions to get back on track.

Garmin's Mobile PC software

Destinations can be entered manually as an address, chosen from saved contacts (Outlook contacts can be imported) or searched for in the sizable database of Points of Interest (POI). Custom POI can be uploaded. To make the navigation interface easier to operate there are Function key and arrow key shortcuts.

Custom route calculation preferences can be chosen to favour faster time or shorter distance. The driver can also opt to avoid highways and tolls. Up to 50 routes can be stored as well as up to 1000 waypoints/favorites/locations. Multiple destinations can be entered with the software left to calculate the most direct route between all the destinations. If required, the software can record trip data and a trip log provides an electronic bread crumb trail to retrace one’s route on the map.

With an Internet connection the Garmin Mobile PC software can provide free real-time information on weather, gas prices, flight statuses and hotels. Like a number of features of this software they are aimed at the business traveler.

Minimum Requirements for Software

Garmin Mobile PC software can be used on a single laptop with a NMEA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) compatible GPS receiver. Operating system compatibility includes Windows 2000 SP2, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Microsoft Outlook 2002 or later is required for contact integration. Hardware requirements are; 256 MB RAM, 800 x 480 pixels display (min), 1.5 GB free disk space, USB port, DVD drive.

Garmin’s Mobile PC software is available as a standalone DVD including City Navigator NT Streetmaps which are available for either North America or Europe depending on the country of sale. The software can also be purchased with a Garmin GPS 10X or Garmin GPS 20X receiver.

Maps cannot be updated as with a Garmin hardware GPS navigator so more recent software with a newer map version is the only option.

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