Apps for tracking lost or stolen iPhone or Android phones

There are a number of downloadable apps for tracking lost or stolen iPhone or Android phones.  At the heart of these useful little tools is GPS technology which has practical application for anyone with a mobile phone who has either misplaced or lost these expensive devices.  Four of the best are reviewed here.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone is perhaps one of the best known and most useful iPhone app which is part of Apple’s iCloud service.  This app uses the iPhone’s GPS & Wi-Fi location services software to let an iPhone display its physical location on a map.  To find a lost iPhone, the user needs to sign into the iCloud app or website and then click or tap the iPhone they wish to locate.  The app will then locate and display the phone’s location on a map as illustrated.

What’s available on your My iPhone App

Find My iPhone App map locationThe user then has a few options, playing a sound, displaying a message, remote lock and remote wipe.  The play a sound option causes the phone to make a loud alert regardless of the phone’s volume settings.  The display a message option flashes a message to encourage a person to return the phone.

If these options aren’t enough or practical, the owner has two more dramatic options.  The remote lock function sets and enforces the four digit pass-code lock.  The remote wipe sends a command to do a factory reset which erase all phone contents.  This phone tracking software uses clever features to recover the phone and/or protect a person’s privacy.

This is the app that every iPhone needs to have.  It is worth noting a Google search for similar apps to locate a lost or stolen iPhone does come up with many other choices, mostly paid apps, that do much same things as Find My iPhone does.

Where’s My Droid

Wheres My Driod Appp

For Android phone users, ‘Where’s My Droid’ is the original and seemingly the most popular phone tracker software.  To activate this app, the phone owner simply needs to text a message with an attention word to their own phone number.  The app can return the phone’s GPS coordinates, turn the ringer volume up and make the phone ring, access Google Maps to show the location and more.  A more advanced version allows the owner to send text message commands to take a pictures with either of the phone’s cameras, lock the phone, or wipe any or all content from the phone.


Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky App

Another interesting cell phone tracker available is the “Mugshot” feature in the Android Kaspersky Mobile Security App.  This feature of this phone tracker software commands the phone to very discreetly take and send pictures of its environment back to the owner to help in locating the phone.  This app also locates and displays the lost or stolen phone’s location on a map image.  The possibilities of this feature include the phone taking a picture of a familiar place or a known person to help the owner to its location.


Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus App

Cerberus is a very highly recommended Android application for tracking your mobile phone.  The software takes advantage of the phones capability to allow unique actions including recording all audio, taking a picture or screen shot.  The typical options including tracing, locking and wiping the phone are all available as well.  Remote control by using the cerberusapp website, remote control through text message commands and a SIM Checker, to alert the owner if someone uses the phone with an unofficial SIM card.  The security and anti-theft features begin with locating and tracking the phone, starting a loud alarm, even when the device is in silent mode, wipe the internal memory as well as the memory card.  Other additional options are hide Cerberus from the app drawer, locking the device, recording audio from the microphone, and getting a list of last calls made and received.

These handy little apps, with GPS technology are an inexpensive and simple way to safeguard your iPhone incase its lost.


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