TomTom GPS App for iPhone

The TomTom GPS App for iPhone has IQ Navigation which is a feature that shows the fastest routes with the most accurate arrival times at any time of the day or night based on historic driving data. Routes are also updated daily by other drivers so a TomTom GPS app for iPhone user gets the most accurate maps. The app comes with map updates for life allowing updating at least 4 times every year. The maps and points of interest are stored in the iPhone so the user does not need to use their phone’s data plan.

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HD Traffic is a great feature that monitors and updates current road conditions frequently to help the driver get to their destination as quickly as possible. When an accident or other delay is discovered on a driver’s current route, the app can find a better route. On the later model iPhones, the phone can show visual directions during a phone call. Perhaps the best navigation safety feature is advanced lane guidance that uses realistic photo images with a pulsating arrow to show the correct lane to use so the driver won’t miss the turn or have to suddenly cross lanes. The navigation app can announce street names in English, Spanish, and French. With this tracker installed on their iPhone, a driver can be confident they will be able to quickly and safely get to a new destination.

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The cost of the TomTom GPS app for iphone with US maps was $47.99 at time of publication.

TomTom Speed Camera app

TomTom has an app so that drivers can find and also warn fellow drivers about speed cameras, red light cameras and average speed check points on the road. While driving, the app constantly checks for and displays distances and warnings about nearby cameras the driver encounters. When a driver finds a new camera not in the app, they can tap a “Report Camera” icon that adds it to the camera list so other drivers will see warnings for it when they drive on the same road. This app will run in the background so that while a driver is listening to music or using any other app, the app will make a beep and show a notification when the vehicle is getting near a camera. This app helps drivers save money and drive more safely on the road.

So these are two solid GPS tracker apps from a great company specialising in helping drivers get to places quickly and safely.


TomTom’s iPhone Car Mounting Kit

The TomTom Car Kit compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4/4S allows a driver to correctly and safely mount an iPhone to a car’s windshield. The mount helps to boost the phone’s GPS signal reception and the driver’s visibility to the maps and directions displays. The cost of the iPhone car mounttomtom gps app for iphone and android kits range from around $6 to $40 at the time of publication.

iPhone car mount


Why use a TomTom GPS App for iPhone rather than a GPS Navigation Device?

So why a TomTom app download rather than buy a dedicated GPS device? Good question. At a cost of $90 to $170 for a stand alone TomTom GPS devicetomtom gps app for iphone,  downloading the app is an affordable option. It also reduces the number of gadgets you are managing. Having the TomTom iOS app allows greater portability between vehicles rather than having to move your GPS device if you need it in other vehicles.

About Tom Tom

TomTom is a well-known international company based in Amsterdam that makes vehicle GPS navigation products and services including the TomTom GPS App for iPhone. As an interesting note, TomTom is the provider for the data for Apple’s official Maps app on the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

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