Magellan Switch Series GPS Sports Watch

Switch GPS Sports Watch woman runningThe Magellan Switch and Switch Up GPS sports watches use Global Positioning Satellite technology to allow health enthusiasts track and improve their activities.  Magellan is a recognized top company that develops and manufactures a wide range of GPS based devices.  A GPS sports watch can monitor a walker or runner’s progress so they know exactly how they are doing during the activity.

Switch Series GPS Sports Watch Features

Switch GPS Sports WatchThe Switch  and the Switch Up watches have profiles for 9 types of sports activities including walking, hiking, running, jogging, swimming, biking and a few others. Both watches have a 1 ¼ “ high quality view screen, an optional heart rate monitor and they work with ANT+ technology.  ANT+ is a wireless sensor network for bike computers, heart rate monitors, foot pods, bike speed/cadence sensors and power meters.

Both watches have 50 meters (or about 164 ft.) water resistance so they can be used while in a swimming pool, lake or other body of water.  Both watches come with a rechargeable 8-hour battery that will give most athletes plenty of time to track and record their activities on a single charge.

The Switch Up GPS Sports Watch

Switch Up GPS Sports WatchThe Switch Up watch includes a few other sensors that can enhance a workout.  The other sensors included are a barometric altimeter and a thermometer.  The altimeter records accurate elevation above sea level data, while the thermometer records the exact temperature during a workout.  The watch also includes vibrating alerts to let the wearer know when events happen or are going to happen without distracting them from their activity.

The multisport mounting kit allows the watch to move between the athlete’s wrist and bicycle making the movement between sports very fast. Switch Up tracks multiple sport activities as a single workout and can record the time taken between activities, providing triathletes with the best tracking of an entire race.

Switch Up on bikeActivity Pacer is a special feature in the Switch Up GPS sports watch.  After a desired distance, time and speed/pace are set, Activity Pacer shows the targeted progress, and provides specific goals to reach or continue the original goal.  This watch includes fitness and training features including configurable activity screens with over 80 data fields available, 9 activity profiles to save watch setups based on type of activity, marking locations, activity history, and many more.


The Switch GPS sports watches have many add-on accessories shown in the picture below.  A few options available are:

  • the ANT+ heart rate monitor
  • the 16 hour extended battery pack
  • the data transfer-charging cable

Magellan stand at 2013 CES

What Amazon says about the Switch GPS Sports Watch sells the Magellan Switch and Switch Up watches and they have an average 4.5 rating however there were only 9 user reviews for the Switch and 13 user reviews for Switch Up watch. Out of those, about half were four star or better.

The Switch watch retails comfortably between $229.99 and $279.99 while the more advanced Switch Up starts at $299.99 and can go up to $349.99.

Please see the following links if you are interested in purchasing either of these watches:


The Magellan Switch and the Switch Up GPS sports watches are an invaluable tool for any serious athlete or health enthusiast.


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