Laipac S911 Locator GPS

Laipac S911 personal locatorThe Liapec S911 Locator™ is a portable personal GPS tracking device that has a built in emergency use mobile phone and can speed dial any of three phone numbers for emergency communication. The device will call a pre-set phone number for immediate assistance.

The Laipec S911 locator in an emergency

LocationNow website offers a complete tracking method that combines GPS and wireless communications that enables quick and easy location of people. The Laipec S911 locator has a SOS panic button to allow the person to send out a “distress call” at any time.  In a crisis scenario, the LocationNow call center gets an alert that pops up on an operator’s screen to allow emergency help to dispatch right away.   Parents, relatives, friends or a monitoring center can receive an emailed alert notice.  Alert messages have the current time, date, speed, event type and the person’s last recorded GPS coordinates.

The Laipec S911 locator hardware

The battery life of the standard (1100mAh) battery is 8-10 hours when the locator transmits every 2 minutes with a constant GPS lock. The battery lasts 3 days while the GPS is in standby. The optional 1500mAh battery adds 40% battery life, which comes out to 11.2 – 14 hours.

The GPS technology

The Laipec S911 locator tracking GPS operates on GSM and GPRS Quad bands to allow being used anywhere in the world.  It has a very sensitive GPS receiver, a “G sensor” to detect impacts or falls, a speeding alert, and a data logger that tracks time, speed, position, heading and event status.  When the locator has remained in the same place for short time, it stores the last GPS location and shuts down into power saver mode until it moves again.  The locator has a geo-fence feature, which generates an alert when the locator moves outside a specific area.

The Laipec S911 locator is appropriate for a wide variety of people situations including law enforcement, child or teenager monitoring, lone worker tracking and monitoring and care of the elderly.

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