The LEO GPS watch, manufactured by Guardian Lion Wireless, could save your loved one’s life!  It is a GPS tracking system, cell phone and a panic alert device.  The Leo was designed especially for younger children, people who love being outdoors, vulnerable people with medical conditions and frail seniors to provide emergency location and communication services if needed and peace of mind for carers when they are not. It ensures they get emergency response attention as soon as possible in life threatening situations.

LEO GPS watch electronic features

The heart of this protection system is a GPS receiver, an active tracker system including a website (leowristwatch.com) and a cellular phone providing highly available communication.  The watch is linked with a dedicated emergency monitoring center and local law enforcement dispatch centers.  Once set up, parents can log in and track a child or senior’s location within seconds through the watch website.  A responsible party can set up a geographic safe area to monitor and send an alert when the watch leaves that area (eg. the usual route a child walks home).  A responsible party can set up an alert for when the watch enters a dangerous area.  The watch can send out alerts when it is unexpectedly moving too quickly – for example, the wearer is riding in a vehicle at a strange time.  The electronics can send out a tamper alert if someone attempts to cut through or otherwise remove the wrist strap.

Communication featuresLEO GPS watch

The wearer can quickly pull up a predefined contact list to call to a loved one or emergency contact when they need help.  The wearer can quickly press the two side buttons together to send out a 911 distress call to many people including the monitoring center and law enforcement immediately.

Security features

The watch has a few physical features that strengthen its usefulness.  Titanium in the strap makes it extremely difficult for it to be removed.  The speaker and microphone are waterproof so getting caught in a rainstorm or falling into a swimming pool won’t harm the watch.  The watch display is well laid out so the wearer gets important information immediately.  The six buttons are easy to see and use so they can be used quickly to get help.  The time, battery level, GPS status is simple to read giving confidence.  In a situation where a child or senior is lost or kidnapped, the GPS and cell phone systems can be the person’s lifeline to be found! The LEO GPS watch comes in highly visible neon colors and a distinct look to make criminals think twice about harming the child or elderly person.

Creator Jason Sullivan talks about how the LEO GPS watch works

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