10 Amazingly Useful Smartphone GPS apps

A GPS navigation app on a smartphone allows a driver to have many very interesting and useful capabilities available to them.  This article will cover 10 apps that use location services (aka GPS) to allow a phone to do useful things based on where it is.

Locale – Android Navigation app

Locale on Google Play Store Vendor two forty four am’s website

Locale GPS app

Here’s a shocking but true story with a good ending.  In March 2005, New York Judge Robert Restaino put 46 people in jail after a mobile phone rang in his courtroom and no one admitted responsibility.  The good news, Two forty four a.m. LLC invented Locale for Android phones after this happened!  This very interesting, a very smart navigation app lets you change phone settings based on your location.  So, if you have to go to court you just set Locale to put your phone on complete silence mode when you arrive so it won’t make any embarrassing or disturbing noises at the worst possible time. This app can monitor many conditions including battery power, location, date/time, caller, orientation and change some phone settings automatically.


YouTube Review of Locale app

GPS-R iPhone Navigation app

Nidis website

GPS-R on iTune’s

GPS-R iPhone Navigation app

This is the perfect GPS app that both tracks where you are going and tells you when you are near a place where you need to do something important.  Here’s an example – when you are driving or walking near the grocery store or the library, the app will pop up a reminder to buy milk or take back library books.  Or even better, let’s say you are riding on a bus or train and want to take a nap but you don’t want to miss your your stop either.  You can set an alert for when you get near your stop, this app could cause your phone to vibrate when you get near your stop!

This is an awesome mash up between a to-do list and GPS!

Note: The iTunes store has not received enough ratings on this app to show an average rating yet.

Viper SmartStart (iOS and Android Navigation Apps)

Viper SmartStart on iTunes

Viper SmartStart on Google Play

Free navigation app includes SmartPark parking spot finder, parking meter reminder and guest membership in Viper Motor Club. When combined with a Viper SmartStart module, you can start, stop, lock and unlock your car from just about anywhere. You will get notifications when anything happens with you Viper system on your phone. When combined with the Viper SmartStart GPS module, you can locate your car and share activity on Facebook because your car needs friends too, right?  You can get safety notifications if your car is speeding or isn’t where it is supposed to be.

Two new features in version 3, add a Viper SmartStart Bluetooth Module for much faster response when you are close to your vehicle or outside the bounds of cell network coverage. Cloud-connected SmartSchedule and real-time Status links your car and phone in an incredible way. On Google Play, SmartStart has a 4 star rating with over 1700 reviews.
On iTunes, SmartStart has a 3 ½ star rating with 52 reviews.

YouTube demonstration of Viper SmartStart in a Cadillac

easyPark – iPhone Navigation Apps

easyPark in iTunes


The easyPark app makes it easy to find your car, anytime, anywhere. Did you park in a large unfamiliar parking lot? easyPark includes many features to find your car in an easy fast way. You can avoid parking fines with the meter alarm. Write memos, take photos, and send email with the street name and exact location of your car . easyPark gives you EVERYTHING to make sure you never lose your car.

The iTunes store has not received enough ratings to display an average for the current version of easyPark.

Find My Car for Android

find my car

Find my Car in Google Play Store

This app lets you mark where you parked your car including taking a picture to mark the spot. Once you’ve mark the spot, the app will help you find the spot again when you need it. The app has other features including sharing your current position or parked position with friends.  The app allows using any navigation app to get directions back to a marked spot.  Find my Car can send a pre-configured text or picture message with a current position to a family member to let them know where you are in an emergency with only 2 clicks.

This app has an overall 4 star rating by 1,651 users.  851 of those were 5 star which is a very good sign for the app.

CaroO Pro Navigation Google Navigation App (Android)

CaroO in Google Play store

This full featured navigation app includes a driving video recorder, vehicle blackbox with collision detection, driving track recorder with GPS, car-diagnosis and monitoring with an on board diagnostics device. Android users can use video event recording and car-monitoring functions separately or together.

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