How often do you need to replace electric razor blades

An electric shaver is a tool used to perform the task of shaving or shredding hair from the head, armpits and other necessary areas that need to experience a clean shave. Some electric shavers will come with single sharp blades while others will come with multiple blades. The sharper the blade, the cleaner the shave.

Sometimes however, we get to experience incomplete and unclean shaves and an after feeling of itchiness, pain and irritation. While it is important to keep the blades clean and sterilized to avoid any skin illnesses, it is also good to know how often one needs to change the blade. In this article, we will get to see how often one needs to change the blade and why it is actually important to use a different blade from time to time.

Often means that even two weeks after using the blade is good and healthy. One does not need to wait until the blade has gotten blunt in order to get a different one. The advantage of changing the blade on your electric shaver from time to time is:

  • It is fast in shaving

There is no strain during that time you are performing the job. The blade is extremely sharp and it will take you a very short time to get the job done, without having to repeat spots you have already left out.

  • Clean shave

When you change the blade as often times as possible, then you can be assured of a spotless shave. This is once again contributed by the fact that the blade is quite sharp and no hair traces are left on the areas that have gotten to be shaved.

  • Healthy skin

A blade that has been used for quite some time gets to accumulate dirt and hair. Cleaning it does not always guarantee that it is clean and will not get to spread dirt and germs that will cause skin irritations. However, a clean blade is an assurance of an itchy free skin because it is easy to clean and also does not accumulate dirt and hair on first use.

We can all agree that hair gets to grow very fast once you are used to shaving it from time to time. Some people use their electric shavers weekly, others very two weeks and others use theirs monthly. I would agree that a blade should not be used for more than two weeks. It has already begun to get blunt and there are traces of dirt that have already begun to accumulate. Every two weeks then requires a new blade and this is most importantly for health purposes.

There are electric shavers that come with multiple blades that are actually the best to go for. They save on the cost of going for different blades from time to time. In conclusion therefore, it is good to consider changing the blade as often times as possible to have a good, clean and refreshing shave, and also for health purposes.