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CSR eGPS Hybrid Positioning Technology

CSRs eGPS is another hybrid positioning technology combining the best of integrated GPS and cellular measurements in order to expand the range of environments where accurate positioning is possible. The hybrid nature of the positioning technology also improves responsiveness and power consumption. Importantly eGPS does not depend on the upgrading of any existing infrastructure.

csr-egpsCSR eGPS
Comparative demonstrations run by CSR have shown improved time to first fix (TTFF) in difficult environments of some 4 seconds (helped by data available from cellular networks) and accuracy to within 10 meters. This is all achieved for the equivalent power cost of 1 second of talk time. When GPS signals fail indoors eGPS gracefully falls back to positioning based on cellular measurements.

The primary problem for moving GPS from the automotive and outdoor application devices to cellular handsets has been the indoor coverage problems of conventional GPS. CSRs eGPS promises to be a stepping stone technology for the transition.

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