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Garmin’s nuLink – A Wireless Data Connectivity Platform

Garmin’s nuLink! is a wireless data connectivity platform for delivery of various real time information services for its GPS navigation products. The service utilizes AT&T’s 3G network for wireless connectivity just as the latest Amazon Kindles do. In areas where the 3G network is not available, customers can receive service on the AT&T EDGE network (2.5G) if available. Unlike an FM receiver which is used by other nuvi to receive traffic data, the built-in wireless module is capable of transmitting data (your location and search queries) as well as receiving it. Both the wireless module and antenna are built into the navigation device so they can be from the car. Using the wireless connectivity capability Garmin has packaged numerous location based and other services as nuLink!

Garmin NuLink! Services
Real-time Traffic

For those who travel the same route often traffic data and traffic avoidance routing are a key reason for having a portable navigation device. Garmin’s nuLink! replaces an FM receiver for providing traffic data. Theoretically traffic conditions could also be uploaded.

Garmin currently offer a free 2-year Garmin nüLink! services subscription. Beyond this users who what to continue would be facing something like a $5 monthly subscription.

Google Local Search

Use Google Local Search to find businesses near your current location then navigate to them.

White Pages

The White Pages iPhone/iTouch App has been immensely popular and Garmin provides the same convenient service to find a contact phone number and associated address to call ahead and as a destination entry respectively.

Gas Prices

Find the location for the best prices for any grade of fuel in your area with one icon tap.


Ciao! Is an application that allows you to share your location with friends and family and to see theirs if they have also allowed their current location to be shared. How this convenient tool can be used is up to the individual and their social network but, the possibilities are extensive.


One can obtain the current and next 5 day forecasts for major cities around the world.

Movie Times

With a movie title or theater complex name you can obtain a search result detailing show times, ratings, distance to the theater in miles and time and even estimated fuel costs. You can bring up the theater location on a map and use it as your destination entry.

Local Events

This is a quick way to search for current local events, concerts, theater performances, sports, art and navigate there. It’s ideally suited to those on a travelling holiday.

Send to GPS

Google Maps is an often used tool and this service allows a Google Map location to be transferred wirelessly to your Garmin GPS navigator and saved as a favorite.

Flight Status

This is probably a fairly niche application but, entering the flight number can return the estimated arrival time and allocated gate number. As it’s real time information you can keep track of any delays.


A multipurpose converter for currency, measurements, distances, speed and temperature.

It is fairly easy to imagine that a location based service such as NuLink! Could literally explode given what has been seen with Apple Apps.

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