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GPS Receiver in a Mobile Phone SIM Card by BlueSky Positioning

A novel approach to GPS/mobile integration by BlueSky Positioning Ltd (UK) is likely to herald a far more rapid GPS enablement of the mobile handset market. BlueSky Positioning’s product, A-GPS SIM, is a Assisted-GPS module for SIM cards. When incorporated into a GSM or 3G phone it forms a complete network assisted GPS receiver. As described in GPSTek’s A-GPS Technology Guide, A-GPS uses the assistance of a data server in the mobile network to reduce the location identification time (Time To First Fix) and increase accuracy.
Technology breakthroughs, including an in-SIM antenna, (patents pending) were required to realize the product. Importantly, BlueSky have stated that the A-GPS SIM costs a small fraction of the cost of a new handset.

According to BlueSky Positioning, The A-GPS SIM card complies with GSM and 3G standard and will work with legacy GSM and 3G handsets without the need for modification or additional software.” This unlocks the provision of GPS enabled services from the uptake of A-GPS enabled phones as only the SIM card needs to be replaced for GPS enabling. BlueSky Positioning report that their A-GPS SIM card will have minimal impact on signal strength and battery life.

The A-GPS SIM card will help mobile operators who have an 18 month compliance clock ticking on them meet new European Union emergency call legislation (similar to E-911 legislation in the U.S.). In addition, faster buildup of A-GPS enabled handset market penetration can only help the cause of location based service providers looking to deliver new services.

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