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Garmin’s nuLink – A Wireless Data Connectivity Platform

Garmin’s nuLink! is a wireless data connectivity platform for delivery of various real time information services for its GPS navigation products. The service utilizes AT&T’s 3G network for wireless connectivity just as the latest Amazon Kindles do. In areas where the 3G network is not available, customers can receive service on the AT&T EDGE network (2.5G) if available. Unlike an FM receiver which is used by other nuvi to receive […]

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GPS III – Delivering Impressive GPS Navigation Benefits

Since the removal of selective availability, the United States Global Positioning System (GPS) services have become progressively integrated into our everyday lives. Few would realize that as well as providing navigation services, the incredibly accurate time keeping provided by GPS satellite atomic clocks is used in time dependant activities such as stock trading, electricity grid control and credit card transactions. Yet, for all the progress there is still much to […]

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Acquisition vs Tracking Sensitivity of GPS Receivers

Two sensitivity values can be specified for GPS receivers – acquisition sensitivity and signal tracking sensitivity. Acquisition sensitivity is the lowest power level at which a receiver is able to achieve a position fix which requires a lock on four GPS satellites to achieve. Signal tracking sensitivity (commonly referred to simply as tracking sensitivity) is the lowest power level at which a receiver is able to track an individual satellite. […]

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Optical Touch for GPS Navigation Devices Promises Significant Improvements

Testing one of the new touch screen Sony Readers for a review it occurred that the new and very responsive optical touch screen would make and excellent touch screen technology for GPS navigation devices. The Sony Reader product line for 2010 uses Neonode´s optical touch screen technology that has been customized for Sony. Neonode calls its optical touch technology zForce. A quick look at the optical touch technology features quickly […]

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Magellan Offers AAA Tourbook, Roadside Assistance Access and AAA Member Discounts

Magellan’s partnership with AAA (American Automobile Association) allows Magellan to offer AAA Tourbook information and Roadside Assistance access to customers purchasing GPS navigation devices with the AAA Tourbook included. The AAA database provides listings of AAA Diamond-Rated Restaurants and Accommodation which are of assistance with road trip planning. The information provided in entries is well beyond what is generally provided for POI (Points of Interest) in other GPS navigation devices. […]

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