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Microvision’s PicoHUD

Microvision’s PicoHUD with laser powered projection is significantly smaller and brighter and has higher contrast than other HUD technologies available at the moment. The PicoHUD is a demonstration unit to showcase the capabilities of the PicoP display engine for potential use in HUD for automobiles, trucks and busses. The unit was demonstrated earlier this year at the display demonstrated at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

microvision-picohudMicrovision’s PicoHUD

Microvision is presently working with automotive suppliers to develop and launch automotive laser HUD products. The PicoHUD is designed to be integrated by Tier I suppliers into a HUD products. The PicoP display engine has the ability to produce high quality images with high contrast and brightness that are day or night readable.

Microvision have gone with laser technology for their projection engine as they are smaller and brighter than alternative light sources and can be directed or scanned with precision.

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