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Motorola Motonav TN555 4.3 inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator Review

Motorola Motonav TN555 impresses as an well featured, very reasonably priced portable navigation device. Motorola have obviously put considerable thought into usability during the design process. They had a good platform to work with in the large 4.3 inch widescreen display (WQVGA, 480 x 270 pixels resolution). Other notable features are Bluetooth for hands-free mobile use, lane guidance, voice control, 2 GB(!) built-in memory, MicroSD memory card slot, 3D landmarks and spoken street names.

Motorola Motonav TN555
In a break from the usual design paradigm Motorola have opted for three hardware buttons behind the left and right hand edges of the device with volume +/- and mute on the right and zoom +/- and user configurable shortcut button on the right. There is a power slide and map/menu toggle button on the top while on the bottom edge sit the memory card slot, recessed reset button and micro USB port.

Motorola have made good use of the widescreen display to improve usability by having slide-in side menus available upon a tap of the display. So, you can use the menus while still having the route map on display.

The search function for the Motorolla TN555 has a predictive search add-on which will start bringing up relevant results even after a few letters are entered. Just like in a Web browser it is a time saving and useful tool.

Throughout the user menus there is evidence that Motorola have strived to give the user opportunities to customize their navigation experience. Under “Navigation Settings” a number of customizations are available for deciding how routes are calculated;

Avoidances – set road types to use
Travel Mode – set type of vehicle so MOTONAV can determine which road types to use
Route Options – choose from Quickest Time, Shortest Distance or Mostly Highways
Safety Camera – enable, fine tune and check subscription status
Lane Guidance Display – enable or disable lane guidance

It’s possible to add intermediate destinations (weighpoints) to navigation routes.

Motorola Motonav Menu Options
The TN555 has Bluetooth (SPP, HFP, DUN, PBAP profiles used) available to provide the safety of hands-free mobile phone use – just tap the screen to accept. With compatible phones it’s possible to take phone calls hands-free. Phone contact lists, text messages and recent calls can be synched. In addition, text messages read aloud and automated replies sent.

Motorola’s TN555 has another hands free tool which is just as useful as Bluetooh – voic recognition. By using certain key phrases various tasks can be carried out without taking ones eyes off the road. Commands available cover phone options, navigation settings, menu selection, search and volume. This is an advanced feature that is not expected at such a low price point. In addition, Motorola have also included voice prompted search powered by Bing.

The Lithium Iron, rechargable battery gives 2.5 hours of continuous out of the car pedestrian use.

Preloaded are maps for the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada and an extensive POI (Points of Interest) database.

The TN555 can be easily upgraded after purchase to provide extra services including

Traffic – streaming traffic information (traffic receiver accessory required) to enable traffic delays to be avoided
Google Local Search – local search to access millions of destinations from the internet (3 month free trial included)
Flight Status – 3 month free trial included
Fuel Prices – 3 month free trial included
Safety Camera Alerts – 3 month free trial included
Weather Updates – 3 month free trial included

If you are regularly commuting the same route then traffic and the other information services can add a lot of usability to your GPS navigation service.

Standard Accessories with the Motorola TN555
United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico maps
Charging cradle
Car charger
Micro USB PC cable
Windshield mount
Dashboard mount disc and
Quick start guide

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