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Motorola Motonav TN765t 5.1 inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

Motorola Motonav TN765t model has an excellent range of features for its price. Not only does it have a good hardware platform but, a very usable navigation software suite into which Motorola has put considerable on usability. The navigation interface makes good use of the very large 5.1 inch widescreen display (358 x 854 pixels resolution). Other notable features are Bluetooth for hands-free mobile use, traffic warnings for avoiding delays, lane guidance, voice control, 2 GB(!) built-in memory, MicroSD memory card slot, 3D landmarks and spoken street names.

Motorola Motonav TN765t
The Motorola Motonav TN765t comes with a traffic information (TMC) service subscription to receive notifications for accidents, road works and traffic jams. TMC saves time by allowing drivers to plan and use alternative routes generated automatically by the TN765t navigation software using up-to-date traffic information available for your actual route.

The Motorola Motonav TN765t is identical to the recently reviewed Mororola Motonav TN555 except for the addition of traffic warnings, the larger 5.1 inch display and 3D buildings on the navigation maps. Considering the very reasonable price and good range of the features of the TN765t it makes sense that one purchase this Motonav model and get the advantage of traffic warnings and the larger display.

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