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MSN Direct Traffic and GPS Location Based Services

MSN Direct will bring location based services information direct to your GPS unit. It’s available in 100 of the largest cities across the United states (check MSN Traffic service coverage). Traffic reports and other information is sent to your GPS navigator through an FM signal. An MSN Direct Receiver can come built into your GPS navigator or can be purchased separately for compatible devices.

msn-direct-traffic-and-gps-location-based-servicesMSN Direct Traffic
MSN Direct location based services currently available include:

Local Traffic Reports provide traffic information on accidents, breakdowns and weather related traffic problems covering many roads in the US and Canada.
Weather Reports include current temperature, today’s high/low temperatures, three-day forecasts, humidity, and wind speeds.
Local Gas Prices local gas prices are uploaded to your GPS unit for you to navigate to the lowest price.
Local Movie Times allow you to find out what movies are playing, not just where.
Send to GPS allows you to use Live Search Maps to build an itinerary of your destinations then send them wirelessly to your GPS to be used when you need them.
Local Events allows you to see find out what events that may interest you are happening in your local area
Enhanced MSN Direct Smart Traffic
Enhanced MSN Direct Smart Traffic service includes additions features including;

Traffic Speed Information
Flight Status which allows you to receive flight schedules and current flight statuses from local airports
Dopler Weather Maps show current precipitation type (rain/snow/mix) and intensity images for your area

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