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Navman EZY Series | EZY30 and EZY40 Car GPS Review

Navman’s EZY40 and Navman EZY30 are identical apart from the screen sizes which are 4.3 inches and 3.5 inches respectively. Features of these models include; Smart Route congestion avoidance, 3D Junction Views , Advanced Lane Guidance , 600,000 POI (searchable and categorized), Premium Safety Alerts, School Zone Warnings, Landmark Guidance and preloaded NAVTEQ maps.

Navman EZY40 and Navman EZY30 Car GPS Navigation Device
Navigating with the Navman EZY Series | EZY30 and EZY40
Navigation is by a resistive touch screen which displays a home screen divided into an array of menu option squares. On the home screen the options are;

Find – enter an address you know
Map – display the map screen
My Places – access saved and recently visited locations including your saved home location
Settings – configure Navman with personalized settings
Near Me – Search for POI nearby
Navman EZY40 and Navman EZY30 main menu
If FIND is selected a secondary navigation square array is presented where you can enter your destination by;

Address – search for an address
On Map – select a location on the map
By Keyword (Smart Find Keyword Search) – search all information on the device (global search) – city, streets, named sites, features, landmarks or venues
City/Area – search for a city or area
Postcode – search by postcode
POI – search for a POI
There is a destination preview screen to check that you have got the correct location or familarize yourself with it. If you wish you can make amendments.

If you deviate off the calculated route the Navman will re-calculate your route (Back-on-Track Automatic Rerouting) and direct you to the new route.

Landmark Guidance
This feature uses natural landmarks to guide you so that you know exactly where you are going. For example, instead of just saying, “Turn right in 200 meters” your Navman will say ‘ in 200 meters at the petrol station turn right into Jones Street’.

Smart Route
Both EZY series Navmans feature Smart Route, which intelligently anticipates road congestion at peak times so that they can be avoided in route planning. This is achieved by using anonymous historical data collected from millions of drivers.

The Navman EZY series models are preloaded with 600,000 POI which are searchable and categorized as Nearby, in City/Area, Along Route and Near Destination.

3D Junction Views
3D Junction Views provides assistance with navigating through complex intersections by displaying a detailed 3D image of the approaching major intersection with superimposed lane arrows as guides.

Advanced Lane Guidance
Navman’s Advanced Lane Guidance makes driving easier with superimposed arrows and spoken directions advising on the best lane to be in for an upcoming turn on to or off a motorway. It is restricted to some major intersections, highways, freeways and motorways.

Premium Safety Alerts
Premium Safety Alerts groups together speed and red light camera alerts, blackspot warnings and railway crossings.

School Zone Warnings
This feature provides a warning when the vehicle is approaching a reduced speed limit school zone. It’s a valuable safety feature although some find the fact that school days/times not recognized annoying.

Navdesk PC Software
The NavDesk PC Software includes a suite of tools for maintaining and updating a Navman car GPS navigator. Features include;

obtain software updates
search online for local POIs
manage maps
manage custom POIs
manage safety camera subscriptions
report trip mileage
Navman have a map guarantee which allows purchasers to download a free map update if one becomes available within 30 days of first use. Updating is achieved using the included NavDesk PC Software.

NAVTEQ maps covering Western Europe, USA and Canada, New Zealand and Eastern Europe are available for the EZY GPS navigation units. There is 2GB of internal storage and a micro SD card slot for memory expansion (on base edge).

The Navman EZY Series comes with a 1 year warranty.

Included with Navman EZY30 or EZY40
windscreen mounting bracket
in-vehicle charger
Quick Start Guide
NavDesk Software DVD

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