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Right on Target – Airbourne Systems GPS Guided DragonFly And FireFly Self Guided Parachutes Selected By US Army

The US Army has selected Airbourne Systems 10 k (10,000 lb) DragonFly Joint Precision Aerial Delivery System (JPADS) following on from its recent selection of the FireFly 2K (2,000 lb) JPADS platform. Utilizing a precision guided parachute delivery system based on a GPS receiver The DragonFly system allows the Army to stand off dangerous areas and still deliver their cargo right on target.
Airbourne Systems has a number of precision cargo delivery systems of differing weights and sizes all utilizing the same guidance platform. The new parachute system will replace the US Army’s aging, non-steerable parachutes in use since the 1950’s. GPS Technology Review’s has a more detailed article on precision GPS guided parachute delivery systems.

Airbourne Systems had other recent success being selected to provide Recovery Systems for Space Exploration Technologies Corp’s (SpaceX) Falcon 9/Dragon launch systems.

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