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SiRF’s SiRFDiRect GPS Navigation Technology Accuracy Breakthrough

SiRF has introduced its new SiRFDiRect(TM) technology , which delivers to portable navigation devices the navigation accuracy and coverage which has previously only been available with expensive in-dash car GPS navigation systems.

SiRF Star III chipset
The SiRFDiRect technology integrates the award-winning SiRFstarIII(R) architecture with low-cost, small footprint heading and acceleration sensors which provide dead reckoning data for greater navigational accuracy in weak GPS signal conditions. Significantly, SiRFDiRect technology allows considerable orientation flexibility without performance degradation. To ensure continuous optimum performance, the heading and acceleration sensors and continuously recalibrated by the closely coupled GPS/DR (Dead Reckoning) architecture of SiRFDiRect technology.

Portable GPS navigation device manufacturer, Mio Technology, Ltd., has announced it plans to deploy SiRFDiRect based Navsteadi(TM) high-precision navigation technology at Computex Taipei 2007. “The new technology co-worked by SiRF and Mio, gives our customers the best of both worlds; reliable performance in the most challenging GPS conditions, expected of the typical high-end navigation system, while maintaining the traditional cost and portability advantages of Mio
systems,” said Samuel Wang, president of Mio Technology Ltd. ”

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