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SiRFtitan Multifunction Platform Navigation Processor

SiRFtitan is one of SiRF’s Multifunction Platform products, a GPS and multi-functional processor designed to push along GPS navigation’s acceptance as an embeddable technology. The multi-functional SiRFtitan processor is just what mobile device manufacturers require for design flexibility and reduction of hardware and development costs for portable navigation devices which include GPS and other converging features such as infotainment.
SiRFtitan Multifunction Platform Navigation Processor

It is not a case of GPS receiver capability/sensitivity being compromised by other functionalities as the SiRFtitan is just as signal sensitive as the ubiquitous SiRFStarIII and actually has 10 times the number of effective correlators (2,000,000) for fast TTFF (time to first fix).

The SiRFtitan has GPS and multi-functional processing capability including video processing and WiFi, USB and Bluetooth interfacing. It has an advanced ARM11 core (32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor), a high-speed DSP (digital signal processor) and hardware GPS accelerators. DSPs like the TMS320C6418 from Texas Instruments now come with a coprocessor to offload radio processing from the core delivering about a 30% saving in processing resources. An on-chip oscillator also lowers overall system costs by avoiding the necessity for integration of a more expensive external oscillator.

SiRF is not the only manufacturer producing this type of multifunction navigation processor. NXP (a spin-off of Philips) can provide complete platforms for embedding GPS technology in mobile devices.

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